Saturday, 5 May 2012

How to : clean make-up brushes


Cleaning make-up brushes always seems like a chore to me , however it is something you have to do because your brushes attract bacteria. Ideally you should clean your brushes once a week , I normally remember to mine once a month I just don't have the time to sit and clean all my brushes every  week. 
I used to own about 8 make-up brushes but recently I decided i wanted to have a full professional set. But before I go and spend loads of money on brushes I wanted to work out exactly what brushes I need so I went on eBay and bought Fraulein 3 8 wooden cosmetic brush set which included 24 brushes and a case for £18.98 (link at bottom). I will review these brushes at a later date. 
What you need: 
  • shampoo - I used herbal essences ignite my colour (simply because I had some left and don't use it anymore)
  • conditioner spray- i made my self , conditioner 2-3 table spoons and water mixed in spray bottle. 
  • old towel 
  • old flannel/ sponge 
  • kitchen roll 

First I washed my sponges, I squirted a little shampoo on to the flannel and added some water then washed the sponge with it. 
After this I put the sponge under the hot tap and rubbed my thumb over the sponge getting rid of any foundation left on the sponge. 

Next  I sprayed each side of the sponge with the conditioning spray and raised under the hot tap. 
I repeated this for all my sponges 

Next up is my foundation brush again a put a little shampoo the flannel and washed the brush and rinsed. 
Then i got the brush and brushed it across the kitchen roll to check there was no make up left on the brush , if there is any left just rise it again . After doing this i spritzed with conditioning spray and rinsed. Then I placed it on the towel with the sponges. 

I repeated this step with my concealer brushes. Do the same with all powder , eyeshadow brushes , fan brushes , lip brushes, angled brushes ect. However you must make sure to keep they brushes in there original shape.

Place all brushes on the towel and leave to air dry , this make take quite a few hours so i suggest leaving them overnight.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

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