Friday, 8 June 2012

While I've been gone

thought this summed up my week pretty well.
found this here

I literally Just walked through the door and came straight to my laptop, logged in and went on google chrome. To find I had 86 unread blog posts on bloglovin (go on and follow me ;) ). Then I checked that my scheduled posts had worked and they had which made me very happy!

So I Know I promised some pictures but to tell you the truth I didn't take that many so I will try and do the usual Instagram post on Sunday but I thought I would tell you a little about my holiday.

Well to be honest not sure that I remember all of I as I pretty much had a bottle of vodka in hand at all times. I went on the beach, to a theme park , and broke quite a few things a long the way. Surprisingly I still manged to take of my still pretty much decent make up every night before passing out on my bed.

I actually had a lot of fun sorry I don't have any of my own pics up yet, wish I remembered to take some.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

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