Thursday, 30 August 2012

Are we the waiting - Green day

Are we the waiting
Please click links below for detailsAre we the waiting by mollyinspire 

just a quick outfit post , got a review coming later I think

xoxo,just another primadonna girl. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Primadonnas playlist 29/08/2012

Again sorry I didn't write this at the beginning of the week. Just a warning most of the songs will probably be the pretty reckless and P!nk as they are like my obsessions at the moment.

001. Just tonight - The pretty reckless
002. Nothing left to loose - The pretty reckless
003. Dear Mr president - P!nk
004. Under the sun - Cheryl
005.  Just like a pill - P!nk
006. Misty eye - Aiden Grimshaw
007. You- The pretty reckless
008. Who knew - P!nk
009. Zombie - The pretty reckless
010. Sober - P!nk

What's on your playlist this week ?

xoxo, Just another primadonna girl.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Picking up the pieces - Paloma Faith

Picking up the pieces - Paloma Faith
Please click the links below for detailsPicking up the pieces - Paloma Faith by mollyinspire 

this is just a quick post of an outfit because I'm leaving for the beach in just over an hour so I wont be able to post all day :)

xoxo,just another primadonna girl. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Review: Glossy pink lipstick

Disclaimer: I did not purchase this item I received it in my August 2012 Glossybox.
Glossybox costs £10 + £2.99 postage & packaging. 

This product is full sized and retails for £9.50 , Which in my opinion is very over priced! recently Glossybox have been adding their own products in to box's which is fair enough and I see nothing wrong with that but the prices they claim these products are just seems ridiculous because its not the best quality , lipstick. The packaging looks cheap and the lipstick just isn't that great, well defiantly not worth almost £10 which is the price of the whole box (minus the P+P). The colour ''Glossy pink'' is a pretty pink shade and is very versatile because pretty much anyone would suit this colour.

Overall I like the colour and I have worn it a few times, I would not pay £9.50 for it though. Although I'm not entirely sure on weather you can actually purchase this product or not , perhaps you can buy it from the Glossybox website I'm not too sure. I don't really think this is the type of product I would expect in Glossy box because to me the idea of a beauty box is to try out high end products and in my opinion a Glossybox own lipstick dose not cut it as higher end. 

All said and done I do like this lipstick and will probably get some wear out of it. 

Did you receive this product ? what did you think ? 

whats your opinion on beauty box's ?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Week in pictures #10

view from my boyfriends window// topshop parma violet// baked jam tarts // shits going down in hollyoaks this week//
been breaking out a bit this week this boots ultra treatment cream really helped//dipdab // loving the pretty reckless this week// cereal tastes so much better on a night//

If you want to keep more updated with my week please follow my intagram @justanotherprimadonnagirl I always follow back :)

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Friday, 24 August 2012

make me wanna die - the pretty reckless

make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
please click link below for detialsmake me wanna die - the pretty reckless by mollyinspire

I know I've posted loads today , 5 times actually (including this post) but with my last two posts been about blog awards (cant believe I've been nominated for two eeep feel so shocked! ) I thought it would look a bit too much having the first 2 posts you see about awards so I decide to post a quick little ootd. as usual links for details about the items are displayed above.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

the versitile blogger award

wow I don't know what to say nominated for two blog awards in one day , I am so grate full to live laugh love and makeup for nominating me for the versatile blogger award 

Here are the rules:
  • Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 fellow bloggers that you recently discovered or follow regularly
  • Let them know you have nominated them
  • Add the versatile blogger award to your blog

7 random facts about me ;
1. im 5ft3
2. i have a fair amount of friends and 3 bestfriends that i have known all my life
3. I've been listening to the pretty reckless all day 
4. i want to tweet 24/7 but i manage to limit my self to 10 or less tweets a day although i do go over sometime im addicted to twitter haha. 
5. i have recently got obsessed with reading student/teacher romance books on 
6. I find it really hard to sleep at night with out my boyfriend when were apart we have phone calls until one of us falls asleep. 
7. I never though my blog would have 20+ followers i never even thought I would get one ( i know 20 followers seems tiny to some but to me its a real achievement)

The Liebster blog award

the liebster award

Firstly I'd like to give a big thanks to Dichter waves for tagging me in the liebster blog award. 

so this is the first award I have ever been up for, and It has a few rules;
1. each person must list 11 things about them selves
2.answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you, plus set 11 questions for the people you tag
3.choose 11 bloggers linking them to the post
4.go to their blog and inform them you have nominated them 
5.NO tag backs what so ever!
6. you can only tag bloggers with less than 200 followers

so here's 11 things about me ;

1. me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now (18th February 2012)
2. I have blue eyes
3. my fashion and beauty collection is actually relatively small 
4. my boyfriend is the only person who knows about my blog 
5. I study health and social care & design technology at collage 
6. I'm dyslexic 
7. I spend fair time discovering American tv series and watching all the episodes online (my boyfriend hates most of them haha)
8. I put on a brave face most days but inside I'm falling apart 
9. in the past year alone I have watched 3 family member loose their battle with cancer 
10. I live in a relitvely small city in england
11. I just realised parts of this list probally sound depressing but to be honest I still always manage to find something to smile about. 

1. who is your icon ?
if were talking celebrities then its Nina Dobrev, if not then its my grandma. 
2. what's your favorite garment? 
my leather jacket from zara 
3. what movie character would you be ?
Olive form easy A 
4. whats your star sing and do the characteristics match your own?
 my birthdays in june and I am a gemini and yes I do think the characteristics match mine
5. whats your fave disney movie? 
 the little mairmaide always has been always will be
6. where in the world would you like to live 
new your , paris or london any of those would be perfect. 
7. which celbrity do you think has the best style ?
again my idol Nina Dobrev 
8. which shoes do you prefer?
presuming this means type of shoe, sandals I love them I own so many different pairs I would wear them all year round if I could. 
9. are you a coffee or tea person?
coffee all the way but with tons of sugar and a dash of milk. 
10. where do you get your inspiration ?
fashion - blogs , life in general - my friends and family inspire me every day. 
11. do you like pets?
yes I love them I own two cats and a rabbit , would love a dog but parents wont let me. 

now for my 11 questions; 

1. why do you blog?
2.fave movie?
3. who is your fave designer?
4. what did you take/taking/ hoping to take at collage?
5. who makes you laugh the most?
6. ever been recognise in public by a follower?
7.what ONE beauty product could you not live without ?
8. who is your all time fave singer/band ?
9. in a relationship or single?
10. who is your fave youtuber?
11. who is your fave blogger?

the blogs I tag;

xoxo,just another primadonna girl. 

A product I'm not loving #1

i did not pay for this product i received it in my august 2012 glossybox.
glossybox costs £10 +£2.99 postage & packaging.

I really like seeing product reviews on blogs and youtube and I also enjoy seeing negative reviews because then you know the bad and good about a product. But you should always remember just because a product doesn't work for one person or they don't like the effect it has , doesn't necessarily mean you will feel the same way everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i always love reading other peoples. 
I feel kind of bad posting a negative review because 1) this product was in my glossybox so was given to me 2) i just feel bad that i don't like it

Vera Valenti - l'ombre a paupiere margarita

the product i received was full size and would of cost me £3.85, this is an eye shadow pallet that consists of ten colours. when i opened the box and picked up this product my initial thought was '' ewwww green''. although the fact the pallet had brown swayed me away from that thought a little. so I when ahead and swatched and they are extremely chalky and un-pigmented as you can see from the picture and for once my camera was working and it picked up whats actually there so no blaming the camera this time!
I still decide to try it out see how it looked on my eyes and decide to create a brown smokey eye, using only the brown colours , I wouldn't go near those greens with a barge pole. But the result was crappy and looked so bland, luckily I wasn't going anywhere so it didn't matter, only an hour later the colours had completely faded and weren't even noticeable they were completely and utterly gone.

Appearance wise it looked cheap and tacky, It gave the idea it was one of those gifts you get with magazines when your about 8. In my opinion its not even worth the £3.85 , although some of you might like it but it just was not for me. If in face you did like this product I meant no offence what so ever.

wow! i did not intend for this post to be so long but i guess I had a lot to say about this product , this whole post was a really big rant I suppose.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

what's in my ebay basket #1

what's in my ebay basket #1
please click links below for details.
what's in my ebay basket #1 by mollyinspire 

these are just a few thing that are in my ebay basket that i am yet to buy because i currently have no spare money but as soon as i do i am buying these. 

001. i just love these colours its a mini cube set on is relatively cheap as well 
002. the link displayed above is not correct for this item , the actual ebay link is here
003. obsessed with phone cases for my htc and love this rhinestone one
004. really want to get in to nail art , it always looks so beautiful , and this rhinestone wheel is a great place to start.

i probably wont do ebay basket posts that often like every time i have bought the previous items ill post another 4/5 of the items i want. 

xoxo, just another priamdonna girl. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

style crush : Kirsten Stewart

style crush : Kirsten Stewart
please click the links below for crush : Kirsten Stewart by mollyinspire

with all the recent new about Kirsten Stewart , although its not exactly good press its gained her a lot of notice from the public, which is why i am now a little bit obsessed with her style. I have always like Kirsten's style because its so simple , laid back and nearly always created from wardrobe staples. apart form red carped events and such were she often wears super bold and interesting outfits. 

Her hair has this super laid back undone kind of look most of the time which i adore but don't feel it would suite me personally although i would LOVE to rock that hair style , in fact i think i might try it out at some point this week. Kirsten's make up is quite simple for the everyday look dark dramatic eye make up and that's about it really. whereas when it comes to events her eyes are still super dramatic and defined but she often adds a pop of colour to her lips , mostly sticking to a bold blood red. 

The look i have created here inspired by Kirsten Stewart is very back to basic and make up entirely of everyday staple items which most of us already own ;
- jeans
- white t-shirt
- leather jacket
- black boots (heal optional)
- sunglasses 
these items can either be very cheap as they will be sold in pretty much every high street store or they can be more expensive. I would personally would go for expensive jacket, boots and sunglasses as as long as your feet have stopped growing these items will last pretty much forever so its better to invest in higher quality in this case. But i would go for cheaper jeans and t-shirt , the jeans probably about £30-£70 so there good quality but not breaking the bank as jeans wear easily, and the top £10-£30 because t-shirts are probably one of the items i repurchase the most fashion wise. 

do you like Kirsten's style? 

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

primadonna's playlist - 21/08/2012

wow I was sat on my laptop (not literally) and listening to music on spotify when i realised i hadn't posted a playlist on here in a while. however i didn't realise it had actually been over a month since my last 'primadonna's playlist' post. 

001. running up that hill - Kate bush
002. little talks- of monsters and men
003. wish you were here- ed sheeran (and loads more but hes the main singer)
004. scream - dizzy rascal
005. euphoria - Loreen
006. picking up the pieces - Paloma faith
007. Valerie - Amy whinehouse
008. no name - Ryan o'shaughnessy
009. broken hearted - karmin
010. come together - Arctic monkey (originally the Beatles ,they covered it in the opening ceremony in the Olympics , this was probably the only thing i liked about the Olympics haha)

I'm going to try my hardest to keep updating you every week with my current weekly playlist, also with my 'week in pictures' posts because they have been lacking purely because i forget to take pictures :/

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

back to school

back to school
please click the links below for details.back to school by mollyinspire 

although I don't go back to school until the 10th of September there was a back to school contest on polyvore so i created this set and entered it. although i have no hope in hell at winning this, i entered anyways just for the fun of it haha. 

another reason why this is a bit of a odd set for me to create because i have ti wear uniform at my school, but i thought it might interest people who don't have to wear uniform. 

anyways not too sure why I'm writing such a long explanation as to why i am posting this haha. 

xoxo,just another primadonna girl 

Monday, 20 August 2012

designer Crush: chanel

designer Crush: chanel
Please click links below for detailsdesigner Crush: chanel by mollyinspire

I have always loved chanel every thing about it seems beautiful , and practically every design I see I would defiantly wear.
what about you do you like chanel? who's your fave designer ?
xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Review: Lipcote

Disclaimer: i did not purchase this product it was sent to me in my august 2012 glossybox.
glossybox costs £10 + £2.99 postage & packaging.

When i received this product i was quite excited because i have always wanted this product but never actually got round to buying it.
as of late i have become a little bit lipstick obsessed and its like my second fave make piece ( mascaras my number 1).
  the product i received was full sized! this product costs £3.99 and you get 7ml which i think will last a long time.
you apply it using this little brush much like a nail polish brush which is attached to the cap , again like nail polish, after you have applied blotted and repeat the first two steps. it tingles on your lips and then ta da ! you have kiss proof , long lasting , water resistant lipstick all day long.

i will definitely repurchase!

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I want you - the kooks

I want you - the kooks
Please click the links below for details.I want you - the kooks by mollyinspire 

Just a quick outfit post , like always this may not be my actual outfit but may just be roughly based around my outfit just not always the exact outfit. 

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Under the spotlight.

 today i have been spotlighted on Nicole's blog , the spot light is basically were you write a blog post and it gets put on Nicole's blog. this then creates more traffic and possibly more followers because they read your post and then possibly check out your blog.

please go check it out its about my current shampoo  routine :)'s+Revolution)

Nicole's blog is amazing and i love having her as one of my daily reads. please go check out her blog I'm sure you will love it too!

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review :All for eve - eve's balm

I  did not pay for this product , I recived it in my august glossybox.
glossybox costs £10 + £2.99 postage & packaaging.

This product came in my August 2012 glossybox , so i didn't actually pay for it but to buy it , it costs £4.95. 
the product i received was full sized.

Eve's balm claims to be a '' easily absorbed recovery balm to nourish and protect dry and chapped skin''. i 100% agree with this statement and love this balm , it smells really nice it reminds me of something but i just cant put my finger on what exactly. 
it has a handy little mirror witch is always a bonus and does wonders to my lips leaving them smooth and apparently irresistible according to my boyfriend ;) haha.

** please check out Nicole's blog , i am going to be in her spotlight post either today  or Sunday( i think) so please check it out! also just check out her blog in general its great! **

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.  

Friday, 17 August 2012

only love - Ben howard

only love - Ben howard
Please click links below for details.

Just a quick OOTD post,

please check out Nicole's blog , i am going to be in her spotlight post either tomorrow or Sunday so please check it out! also just check out her blog in general its great!

xoxo , just another primadonna girl.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

clynol colour & care enrich shampoo - review

I did not purchase this product it was sent to me in my July 2012 glossybox
glossybox's cost £10 + £2.99 postage & packaging. 

this product is a cute little sample size which was great for my recent 2 day mini vacation!  I took it with me and washed my hair twice while i was there and still had some left so i used it again today , meaning overall i  got 3 washes out of it which i thought was pretty good!

the product claims to be a " gentle shampoo with liquid jewel extract and UV filters to protect rich tones from fading" and i completely agree with this statement because i coloured my hair the day before using the shampoo and usually the first wash after dying hair you loose a lot of colour and the water in your bath/ shower changes to whatever colour your hair is but when I used this shampoo i found that no colour ran from my hair what so ever!
it also left my hair soft and silky smooth !
for a full size which is 300ml it costs £9.35, which i don't think is too bad , i would defiantly purchase this again but would only use it for about a week after colouring and then switch to a different shampoo as it think paying nearly £10 is a little steep for a every day shampoo.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

August Glossy box 2012

Glossy box cost £10 + £2.99 Postage and packaging


I was actually quite surprised to receive my glossy box so early on in the month as i received it yesterday , i am really happy with this box as i got 6 products and 5 of them were full sized!

As the Olympics has just ended this months box was a international box which i really liked the idea of because you get to discover new products from different countries all over the world.

- alessandro pro white , this is a nail polish that optically brightens nails with a anti-yellow formula(full size £7.85)
-DCH deep cleansing lotion , water-soluble cleanser , I'm super excited to try this ( sample full size costs £18.50)
- all for eve, eve balm, recovery balm to nourish dry skin(full size £4.95)
-vera valenti , eye shadow pallet not to keen as it looks cheap isn't pigmented and has a few green colours but the brown colours seem okay (full size £3.85)
- lipcote , i have always wanted to try this product but i never got round to buying it its a lipstick sealer helping your lipstick stay put all day (full size £3.99)
- glossybox lipstick , in the shade glossy pink, this shade is versatile and super cute (full size £9.50)

Pro white// deep clensing oil// eves balm//
Vera valenti pallet // lipcote// glossy pink lipstick//

xoxo, just another Primadonna girl. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

week in pictures #9

striped nails// mask review here//these two pics look real good next to each other// Yorkie yogurt yum//
awwww what the bf did for me // the midnight beast// went to see ice age so childish haha// the mess i make baking//
stepping stones// cute fountain // travel make up bag// favourite chocolate//

well this is like the past two weeks , keep forgetting to take pictures haha.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

As if I hadn't slept

As if I hadn't slept
please click the link below for details.details

just a quick outfit post , i have a closing Olympic post for Monday/Tuesday and week in pictures on the same day. the day posted depends on what time i get home on Monday i am going out with my family , i might do a whole post about Monday on Tuesday as well.

who is the song , as if i hadn't slept by comment your answer below 
also comment future blog post suggestions.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

a realist wishlist - weekly wishlist #8

a realist wishlist - weekly wishlist #8
please click the links below for details.a realist wishlist - weekly wishlist #8 by mollyinspire

when ever I post a weekly wishlist I normally just go for products I really want yet I don't consider the Price at all , which i should do because realistically i cant afford all of the products , if any:/

001. this cute top from topshop is reality cheap and could create a few summery outfits 
002. these topshop bracelets are so cute and versatile making them a good investment.
003. this shampoo has been raved about so much by anna , i cant wait to try it.
004. this dress is a reasonable price and i would get plenty of wear out of it. 
005. i really want to try out some lush products as sadly its a brand I've never really purchased from before :/

xoxo, just another Primadonna girl. 

Monu spa - golden glow

I did not pay for this product it was sent in my July 2012 glossy box.
+glossy box cots £10 + £2.99 p+p

I have been using this product a lot in the past 2 weeks since receiving my July 2012 glossy box. because once i build up a fake tan all over my body i feel like i have too cake my face in foundation in order for my skin tone to match but with this product it adds the right amount of tan so i only have to add tinted moisturiser. 

over all i think i will buy a full size of this product once it runs out .

xoxo , just another primadonna girl.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Be here now

Be here now
please click links below for details.Be here now by mollyinspire

whos the song by ?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

after the hurricane

after the hurricane
please click links below for details.

this post is scheduled so lets hope it works , I'm actually on a 2 day mini holiday.
I have also scheduled a post for Wednesday so lets hope it works. (yn)

after the hurricane is a song title , but by who ? comment below.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Primadonna hearts #5

All images found on

 Week in pictures is coming later in the week because i have not taken many pictures this week.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Saturday, 4 August 2012



disclaimer: This may not always be my actual  outfit of the day with the
exact items but it will always be roughly based on my outfit.

please click links below for details.

I couldn't think of a post title so i just grabbed my ipod and hit shuffle. Loverboy came on guess who its by? comment below. 

Going out to a party tonight  and this is what i am wearing, well roughly AS ON most outfits posts these items represent clothing I own But are not always the exact same. 

Apivita - express beauty masks

I did not pay for this it was sent in my may glossy box
glossy box cost £10 with £2.99 P+P

In my may glossy box i got two of these little sachets. for one full size product it costs £3.50  which seems a little steep seeing as I just buy the 99p ones from Asda whenever I am in the mood for a face mask, and they always work perfectly fine in my opinion. Although I received these about two months ago I only got round to using them a few weeks a go I wanted a pampering session so i  rooted around my room and found these.

they are really great because they lest my skin feeling super moisturised and nourished. Not to mention the amazing honey smell which i am in love with!

Although the price is a little steep I would defiantly buy them again But only as a treat for myself.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Friday, 3 August 2012

How to :The baggy jumper

How to :The baggy jumper
please click the links below for all details on items. 

Today I though I would do a little how to post. So I picked the baggy jumper which to me is a staple that should be in practically every girls wardrobe. this is because it is soooo versatile and can be worn all year round. its a pretty simple effortless piece as well because it can be worn with  pretty much anything and doesn't really require accessories and the ones it does are just whatever accessories you wear on a daily basis. It fits pretty much every occasion.I literally have so much love for the baggy jumper I could write a billion words about it but I didn't intend on this post being too long so I will have to sum up with , Its a must if you don't already own at least 1 baggy jumper , why not ? go buy one now !

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

up with the birds

up with the birds

ooh the title of this post is a song by one of my fave bands guess which one ? comment below. 

Bird print had been trending for over a year now and I love it I own quite a few bird printed items and accessories , even thought birds scare the shit out of me (especially that one in the picture above ). But when it comes to fashion the print just looks so cute and dainty,  its hard not to love it I suppose. 

whats your take on bird print?
who's the song by ?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

shining silver

shining silver
please click links below for details.

Here's my second edition in the Olympic medals posts , 
England got its first gold medal yesterday so congrats to the rowing team (is that really a sport). 

keep checking in to see what my gold post is like , and also what other Olympic themed posts I have lined up!

xoxo, just another primadonna girl . 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Elizabeth Arden - skin balancing skincare

these items were not purchased they were in my july glossybox 2012.
glossy box cost £10 + £2.99 p+p.
firstly I would just like to say that I am sooo thankful to everyone who follows or even just checks out my blog I reached 1000 views yesterday and I know it took me 3 months to get there so I understand to most of you if not all that seems pretty rubbish and not something to take pride in but I do take pride in this because I see it as a step in the journey to becoming the kind of blog that gets 1000+ page views a day. so once again thank you all so much I really appreciate it. 

Now that's out of the way , in my July 2012 glossy box I received 3 sample sachets of Elizabeth Arden; 
- skin balancing exfoliating cleanser - the texture of this product made it clear it was an exfoliation product which i think is a good thing. It left my skin feeling fresh , nourished and deeply cleansed. over all I really liked this product.
- optimising skin serum - I applied this at night and in the morning my skin felt fresh and flawless. I then applied about 10 Min's before I applied my makeup and it Left my skin smooth making makeup application effortless.
- skin balancing lotion SPF 15 - I applied  this on the night and my skin felt super smooth and awake when I woke up.

I also got a larger sample of the skin balancing lotion with SPF 15. I got a 5ml sample of this in a little pump bottle, I am quite glad this was the sample I got in a bigger version because its probably the product I enjoyed the most. 

I am currently considering saving my pennies and buying the serum and lotion in full size because they are really nice, and I think they would make a great addition to my daily skin care. 

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

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