Friday, 24 August 2012

A product I'm not loving #1

i did not pay for this product i received it in my august 2012 glossybox.
glossybox costs £10 +£2.99 postage & packaging.

I really like seeing product reviews on blogs and youtube and I also enjoy seeing negative reviews because then you know the bad and good about a product. But you should always remember just because a product doesn't work for one person or they don't like the effect it has , doesn't necessarily mean you will feel the same way everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i always love reading other peoples. 
I feel kind of bad posting a negative review because 1) this product was in my glossybox so was given to me 2) i just feel bad that i don't like it

Vera Valenti - l'ombre a paupiere margarita

the product i received was full size and would of cost me £3.85, this is an eye shadow pallet that consists of ten colours. when i opened the box and picked up this product my initial thought was '' ewwww green''. although the fact the pallet had brown swayed me away from that thought a little. so I when ahead and swatched and they are extremely chalky and un-pigmented as you can see from the picture and for once my camera was working and it picked up whats actually there so no blaming the camera this time!
I still decide to try it out see how it looked on my eyes and decide to create a brown smokey eye, using only the brown colours , I wouldn't go near those greens with a barge pole. But the result was crappy and looked so bland, luckily I wasn't going anywhere so it didn't matter, only an hour later the colours had completely faded and weren't even noticeable they were completely and utterly gone.

Appearance wise it looked cheap and tacky, It gave the idea it was one of those gifts you get with magazines when your about 8. In my opinion its not even worth the £3.85 , although some of you might like it but it just was not for me. If in face you did like this product I meant no offence what so ever.

wow! i did not intend for this post to be so long but i guess I had a lot to say about this product , this whole post was a really big rant I suppose.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

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