Thursday, 23 August 2012

style crush : Kirsten Stewart

style crush : Kirsten Stewart
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with all the recent new about Kirsten Stewart , although its not exactly good press its gained her a lot of notice from the public, which is why i am now a little bit obsessed with her style. I have always like Kirsten's style because its so simple , laid back and nearly always created from wardrobe staples. apart form red carped events and such were she often wears super bold and interesting outfits. 

Her hair has this super laid back undone kind of look most of the time which i adore but don't feel it would suite me personally although i would LOVE to rock that hair style , in fact i think i might try it out at some point this week. Kirsten's make up is quite simple for the everyday look dark dramatic eye make up and that's about it really. whereas when it comes to events her eyes are still super dramatic and defined but she often adds a pop of colour to her lips , mostly sticking to a bold blood red. 

The look i have created here inspired by Kirsten Stewart is very back to basic and make up entirely of everyday staple items which most of us already own ;
- jeans
- white t-shirt
- leather jacket
- black boots (heal optional)
- sunglasses 
these items can either be very cheap as they will be sold in pretty much every high street store or they can be more expensive. I would personally would go for expensive jacket, boots and sunglasses as as long as your feet have stopped growing these items will last pretty much forever so its better to invest in higher quality in this case. But i would go for cheaper jeans and t-shirt , the jeans probably about £30-£70 so there good quality but not breaking the bank as jeans wear easily, and the top £10-£30 because t-shirts are probably one of the items i repurchase the most fashion wise. 

do you like Kirsten's style? 

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

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