Friday, 24 August 2012

The Liebster blog award

the liebster award

Firstly I'd like to give a big thanks to Dichter waves for tagging me in the liebster blog award. 

so this is the first award I have ever been up for, and It has a few rules;
1. each person must list 11 things about them selves
2.answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you, plus set 11 questions for the people you tag
3.choose 11 bloggers linking them to the post
4.go to their blog and inform them you have nominated them 
5.NO tag backs what so ever!
6. you can only tag bloggers with less than 200 followers

so here's 11 things about me ;

1. me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now (18th February 2012)
2. I have blue eyes
3. my fashion and beauty collection is actually relatively small 
4. my boyfriend is the only person who knows about my blog 
5. I study health and social care & design technology at collage 
6. I'm dyslexic 
7. I spend fair time discovering American tv series and watching all the episodes online (my boyfriend hates most of them haha)
8. I put on a brave face most days but inside I'm falling apart 
9. in the past year alone I have watched 3 family member loose their battle with cancer 
10. I live in a relitvely small city in england
11. I just realised parts of this list probally sound depressing but to be honest I still always manage to find something to smile about. 

1. who is your icon ?
if were talking celebrities then its Nina Dobrev, if not then its my grandma. 
2. what's your favorite garment? 
my leather jacket from zara 
3. what movie character would you be ?
Olive form easy A 
4. whats your star sing and do the characteristics match your own?
 my birthdays in june and I am a gemini and yes I do think the characteristics match mine
5. whats your fave disney movie? 
 the little mairmaide always has been always will be
6. where in the world would you like to live 
new your , paris or london any of those would be perfect. 
7. which celbrity do you think has the best style ?
again my idol Nina Dobrev 
8. which shoes do you prefer?
presuming this means type of shoe, sandals I love them I own so many different pairs I would wear them all year round if I could. 
9. are you a coffee or tea person?
coffee all the way but with tons of sugar and a dash of milk. 
10. where do you get your inspiration ?
fashion - blogs , life in general - my friends and family inspire me every day. 
11. do you like pets?
yes I love them I own two cats and a rabbit , would love a dog but parents wont let me. 

now for my 11 questions; 

1. why do you blog?
2.fave movie?
3. who is your fave designer?
4. what did you take/taking/ hoping to take at collage?
5. who makes you laugh the most?
6. ever been recognise in public by a follower?
7.what ONE beauty product could you not live without ?
8. who is your all time fave singer/band ?
9. in a relationship or single?
10. who is your fave youtuber?
11. who is your fave blogger?

the blogs I tag;

xoxo,just another primadonna girl. 

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