Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cosmopolitan - blend perfection sponge

Before I start this post properly I would just like to apologise for the awful photo but I am in a rush and really wanted to post something to day so I didn't have time to edit it and also I've just noticed how shitty my nails look in this photo :/  also before you use the sponge you wet it under a running tap and it expands , so in the picture it is smaller than it is when you use it.

I actually bought this sponge for Amazon , I was browsing the site and found it and for only £4.95 I had to buy it. I have never really liked make up sponges because they never really did much for me just sort of wiped the foundation  across my face not blending it in at all so I've always been more of a foundation brush kind of girl and also my fingers if I'm feeling lazy, I mean to be honest using your hands isn't all that bad they do a pretty good job in my opinion.

I had been wanting  to try out a beauty blender for quite some time so was pretty excited when I order this.
I actually received the product about a month ago so have been trying it out for quite some time now.
I really love this sponge because I can stipple on the foundation using the flat base , and use the tip for any tricky areas such as around the eyes and nose.

I do really like this product and would definitely recommend it to you all. I have used I quite a lot still   using my foundation brush or my fingers occasionally.

have you tried a blending sponge ?

how do you apply foundation ?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

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