Sunday, 14 October 2012

I know I haven't posted since Monday so its been almost a week and to be honest I don't have a real reason for not posting I just haven't remembered to post. I was going to do a primadonna hearts post today but they are just too many pictures I wanted to include like literally 100's.

I started my tumblr a year a go and at first was obsessed with it and all the photos were fashion based and quotes , basically it was a very girly tumblr. Once I started my blog my tumblr took the back burner and became really neglected and I regret that because I have always loved my tumblr.

Over the past two days I went in to a bit of a tumblr overdrive and became a bit obsessed. I've given my tumblr a whole new look and reached my photo limit for the day , both days which annoyed me because I had so much more I wanted to add.

My tumblr now is basically just me on a page , so its defiantly something to check it out if  you want to know a bit more about me.

This next week my bid is to blog more and keep updating my tumblr.

also just a little thank you to everyone who views my blog this week I reached over 2000 page views , which to a lot of you is probably not good at all. but to me it means a lot  :)

do you have tumblr ? if so leave a link in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out and follow it.

my tumblr

xoxo ,just another primadonna girl

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  1. Here's my tumblr :).


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