Sunday, 7 October 2012

primadonnas pampering #1

As promised here is my pampering post , I have decide to try and make these a series but they wont be regular because sadly I hardly ever have the time to have a pampering session.

So right now I am hungover so I have really puffy eyes and a killer headache which isn't normal for me as I usually don't get any form of hangover but these past few weeks I've been getting quite bad ones.
So step one for me is  drinking a ton of water to keep me hydrated and I've had some ibuprofen.

001. first I cleansed my skin with olay conditioning milk , because my face was already make up free so just need a quick once over.

002. Then I applied one of my sample of glamoxy snake serum (I received in September glossy box ) - oh my god its amazing I will defiantly be doing a post on this.

003. Next up was moisturiser I used the beauty formula's replenishing 24 hour moisture lotion (here) this is a really good moisturiser to  really awaken the skin.

004. Because I have super puffy eyes I then used my balance me wonder eye cream ( September glossy box ) which has had amazing results my eyes are pretty much back to normal now and will be completely fine by the time I do my make up.

005. Next the not so glamorous bit re-gen oil - this is a oil for  stretch marks , scars , dry skin and blemished skin. I personally only use it on stretch marks. I have been using it for about a year and its been really helpful. I am going to do a post on this at some point in the week.

throughout all of this I have been constantly re-applying my all for eve - eve's balm to my lips as they are super cracked. post here

now I'm off to paint my toes and finger nails I'll be taking photos so I can show you pretty much my entire getting ready process and my night out.

xoxo , just another priamdonna girl.

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