Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas playlist

001. fairy tale of new york - the pouges
002. do they know its Christmas - band aid
003. the power of love - Frankie goes to Hollywood
004. Happy xmas (war is over) -John Lennon
005. I wish it could be Christmas everyday - wizzard
006. Christmas time - the darkness
007. last Christmas - wham
008. step in to Christmas - Elton John
009. wonderful Christmas -Paul McCartney
010. stop the cavalry -jona Lewie

What are your fave Christmas songs?

I wont be posting for a couple of days as its CHRISTMAS!!!
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until then have a very merry Christmas!

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Christmas outfits

My Christmas outfits
please click links for details.My Christmas outfits by mollyinspire 
Here's what I'm wearing this Christmas,what about you?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

week in pictures #16

practicing bold lips for christmas // My christmas stocking aww // Fake nails//
New Christmas pj's // My Christmas wish came true here // chained rings LOVE//

what have you been up to this week ?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Christmas films

Christmas films

There is nothing I love better than snuggling up on the sofa, pigging out on yummy treats and watching Christmas films with my mum. We do this every year and this is what we're watching today.
+ elf - its just so funny and really gets me in the Christmas spirit. 
+ love actually - I watch this all year round to be honest. you can't beat a good rom-com ;) 
+ home alone - You know it's Christmas when home alone comes on don't you?
+ the greatest store in the world- this is so so so cute, I love it! I have to watch it every year haha. It was a BBC production and isn't aired anymore. luckily I have it on DVD, so unless you already own it, it's pretty impossible to find. 

what are your best Christmas films?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

I got my Christmas wish...

In a previous post I mentioned that my grandma had been battling breast cancer. A couple of weeks ago she got the all clear, and doesn't have to go for another check up until march. This is all I have wanted to hear for over a year! I am so so so happy, even though I have a lot of bad stuff in my life right now I literally cant stop smiling all because of my grandmas amazing news!!!

The cancer reasharch website and shops have some great Christmas cards, gift wraps, decorations, crackers and stocking fillers. I have already gone and bought some wonderful stuff as the money goes to a great and extreamly important to me cause. here is the website go check it out

xoxo,just another primadonna girl. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hear me - Imagine dragons

Hear me - Imagine dragons

just a quick outfit post, maybe a Christmas party outfit?

xoxo,just another primadonna girl 

Primadonna hearts #7

I've been updaiting my tumblr a lot recently check it out here I 100% follow back

link your tumblr below so I can check it out ?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review: VO5 heat protect

I never used to take very good care of my hair but yet I still wondered why it was dry, brittle, split ends and never seemed to grow. I used heat on my hair everyday unless I'm not leaving the house at all. I also dye my hair once a month, so I am causing a lot of damage to my hair. About 2 months ago I started using heat protect spray and have noticed so much of a difference! My hair is in such a good condition right now its soft practically no spit ends and is actually slowly starting to grow. I couldn't be any happier with the result, well unless my hair had grown like 5 inches but that was never going to happen haha.
I bought this product for £2.99 (i think ) from my local asda.

do you use heat protect spary?
which one do you use?

xoxo, just  another primadonna girl.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

the Christmas tag

I do not own this picture. 

what is your favourite thing about Christmas ?
Giving presents to people and watching their reactions (only if its a good reaction though). Also I love seeing my friends and family happy, Christmas is a time when everyone forgets everything and just has fun and enjoys themselves and for me that's the best gift.

what's your favourite make up look for the festive season?
My make up doesn't really change too much but less bronzer and more highlighter, I love a dewy look at Christmas and its often one of the only times I dare wear a bold red lipstick. 

real or fake tree? 
I love the smell of real trees it really makes everything so Christmasy (if that's a word) but they are just too much mess, bits falling off and then once Christmas is over it just sits in our garden we have 6 old trees next to the garage and we haven't had a real tree in two years so they are really really old. So I think I would have to go for fake tree and buy some Christmas candles to keep the house smelling Christmasy.

giving or receiving presents ?
giving all the way. Its so much more rewarding giving a nice heart felt gift than it is receiving one. Although if I get gifts you wont hear me complaining. 

do you open your presents in the morning or evening ?
In the morning. I have a 10 year old brother who wakes me up at about 5.30am every Christmas since he was 3 without fail. 

handmade or bought cards?
If I was talented enough I would make my own but I aren't even successful at drawing a flower so at card is pretty much impossible for me haha. 

whats your favourite Christmas film?
I doubt many of you will have ever seen this but it has to be 'The greatest store in the world' Its such a cute film. I would tell you to all go check it out, but it was a BBC film that aired for a few years at Christmas time, I don't think they show it anymore. If you happen to come across it watch it, its amazing. If you have seen it then comment below.

whats your favourite Christmas food?
My grandads Christmas dinner its amazing, he used to be a chef until he retired so his cooking is soooo good. Its literally perfection. 

I found this tag here, Laurens blog is lovely and would be a great addition to your following list.

I tag anyone who wants to do this, please link me so I can read your tag.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Serena Vs. Blair

Serena Vs. Blair

Gossip girl is now over, I wont spoil it for those who are yet to see the final episode but I am very happy with the ending but also sad that it is now over.

who's style do you prefer Serena's or Blair's ?

does anyone have any suggestions for tv shows to fill the gossip girl shaped hole in my life?

xoxo,just another primadonna girl. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Primadonna's playlist - 17/12/2012

I don't own this picture. 
001. Impossible -  James Arthur
002. hear me - Imagine dragon's
003. scream and shout-
004. stay - Rihanna
005. I knew you were trouble - Taylor Swift
006. not giving in - rudimental
007. Tuesday - the James Arthur project
008. remember me - Daley
009. latch - disclosure
010. do you think of me - Misha B

what will you be listening to this week?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Week in pictures #15

the christmas tree is up// aww cute chirstmasy bus ticket// oh hi there ian somerhalder;) //
Imagine dragons - radioactive// primark lashes(post coming soon)// hate the new youtube layout!! //

sorry this post is a day late, been busy.
Don't worry thought my playlist post should be up in a few mins aswell.
what were you up to last week?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Primadonna hearts #6

sorry I haven't posted all weekend, I've been having some girly time with my bestfriends. I was sat updating my tumblr so I decided to do a primadonna hearts post.

If you want to see more pictures like this/check out my tumblr heres my link -
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xoxo,just another primadonna girl.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

the personalised gift

the personalised gift

I love giving gifts at Christmas, and what makes them extra special is when they are personalised!

this idea is perfect because you can choose what ever shop you want , maybe even more than one. Pop all the things you buy in to a pretty box lined with tissue paper and wrap a ribbon around, hey presto ! the perfect gift so simple and so personal. 

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Christmas 2012 girly gift guide

Christmas 2012 girly gift guide
please click the links below for details. Christmas 2012 girly gift guide by mollyinspire 

here are just a few Christmas gift ideas I have come up with all priced between £20 - £30. 

+Nars photo booth nail polish set £26 - I really love these colours they are so perfect for winter. 

+ Iphone case £25 - this case is a perfect gift for gadget loving girls, it is so cute and has a bit of a christmasy look to it don't you think ?

+ real techniques core collection £21 - this is perfect for anyone who loves make up, these brushes are prefect for getting started. I know I would defiantly love to receive this.

+ H&M £30 - these boots are perfect  Jeffery Campbell Lita dupes, I absolutely adore them and really want to go buy these straight after Christmas once my spending ban is over ;)

+lush honey farm £20 - this is a perfectly little bath set that any girl would love, who doesn't enjoy and good old pampering session right?

what are your gift ideas this Christmas?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

little collective haul

As promised here's my little haul from the past month or so. I have been on a spending ban which only allows me to buy the essentials as Christmas is coming up but in all honesty a lot of my money has been going on nights out with my girls haha. So when it comes to shopping it literally has been the essentials and even then still on a budget.

+ Leopard print peplum top - this is from and is only £16, it may be hard to believe but I hadn't bought a peplum top before mainly because I feared it wouldn't suit my body shape, however I love it! And its safe to say I will definitely be buying more peplum tops after Christmas, I'm thinking red and black ones ?

+ Black disco pants - these are from topshop and my photos just weren't doing them justice so I hate to say it but I'm using a stock photo from their website, and even that isn't that great.  I love love love these they are soooo comfy and a really good price at £30 I was really surprised to find such good quality at such a low price.

+ Black studded cross top - this was from primark and cost me £6, I love it and it suits my style really well, I prefer to stick to dark colours adding reds and purples and occasionally other colours, I know what works for me so I stick to that and play it safe. and yes the pictures terrible, I know sorry about that :(

+  grey dip hem top - this again was from primark and was only £5 this is really light and loosely fitted, the only problem is its very sheer so I'm thinking that I'll probably have to wear a little Cami or something underneath it.

+ Black snood - I have always loved the primark snoods but needed a black one so I  picked it up for £4 the other day. They are so effortless and comfy, and really upgrade an outfit in an instant.

+ spike necklace - this is such a pretty statement piece, I got it for £4 from primark.

I'm still pretty stuck on my Christmas outfit because I always want to wear a dress but truthfully dresses just don't work on me so I always end up wearing jeans/ leggings and a top (nice new ones of course ) but they just never seem nice enough for me.
The reason why I can't wear dresses is because I have the most impossible body shape ever.
I have a quite large bust, 32ff to be precise but every where else I'm skinny and have curvy hips and bum but my legs and tummy are skinny. this means clothes fit some places well and on others are either too tight or too baggy so its pretty impossible to find something that fits me perfectly.

If any of you have a similar body shape to me, please comment with some advice?

any questions comment below or drop me a email,

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

kiss you - one direction

kiss you - one direction

Hi, quick outfit post today got a haul coming up tomorrow 

xoxo, just another primadonna girl. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Primadonna's playlist - 10/12/2012

001. Holding on - the James Arthur project
002. radioactive - Imagine dragons
003. kiss you - one direction
004. a thousand years - Christina perri
005. all for you - Arthur walwin
006. more than this - One direction
007. let me down - Kelly Clarkson
008.  just like a pill - P!nk
009. it gets better - fun
010. lost - frank ocean

what will you be listening to this week?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Friday, 7 December 2012

Review: Rimmel stay matte foundation

please excuse the shoddy pictures,
I was running dangerously low on foundation because I had so many on the go I didn't realise every single one of them was practically empty. So I had to pop in to boots on my way home, it wasn't one of the big boots it was the tiny pharmacy ones so I was limited with my choice, then I saw the Rimmel stay matte foundation and remembered how I had previously owned both the foundation and pressed powder and loved them. I really wanted to buy the pressed powder again as well but I'm only buying necessities at the moment, what with Christmas just around the corner, 18 day not that I'm counting;)

This foundation is perfect for everyday wear, its easy to blend with a medium but buildable coverage. and really purse friendly as well at only £5.99!
You can buy it from your local boots or superdrug or online here

what foundation are you currently loving?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Primadonnas playlist - 3/12/2012

001. dead sea - The Lumineers
002. die young - Ke$ha
003. this kiss - Carly Rae Jepson
004. sight of you - Tulisa
005. all I know - Fenech-soler
006. I wont give up - Jason Mraz
007. Good old days - The script
008. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
009. dakota - stereophonics
010. can you hear me - Wiley

what will you be listening to this week?

xoxo, just another primadonna girl

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Week in pictuers #14

hair dye review  // false eyelashes// fit me sample review // page one of my download list//
want this piercing so bad getting it soon// funny convo // new foundation // advent calender

wow I haven't done a week in pictures post in absolutely ages, I just keep forgetting to take photos.
I've got a new layout on my blog what do you think, its from shabby blogs
what have you been up to this week?

xoxo,just another primadonna girl.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

die young

die young
Please click links below for details.

quick post as I'm getting ready for the funeral today but as its the 1st of December I thought a Christmas outfit post would be nice. Who doesn't love a Christmas jumper eh? 
Got to open my Advent calender today felt like a little kid again haha.

xoxo, just another primadonna girl 

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