Wednesday, 12 December 2012

little collective haul

As promised here's my little haul from the past month or so. I have been on a spending ban which only allows me to buy the essentials as Christmas is coming up but in all honesty a lot of my money has been going on nights out with my girls haha. So when it comes to shopping it literally has been the essentials and even then still on a budget.

+ Leopard print peplum top - this is from and is only £16, it may be hard to believe but I hadn't bought a peplum top before mainly because I feared it wouldn't suit my body shape, however I love it! And its safe to say I will definitely be buying more peplum tops after Christmas, I'm thinking red and black ones ?

+ Black disco pants - these are from topshop and my photos just weren't doing them justice so I hate to say it but I'm using a stock photo from their website, and even that isn't that great.  I love love love these they are soooo comfy and a really good price at £30 I was really surprised to find such good quality at such a low price.

+ Black studded cross top - this was from primark and cost me £6, I love it and it suits my style really well, I prefer to stick to dark colours adding reds and purples and occasionally other colours, I know what works for me so I stick to that and play it safe. and yes the pictures terrible, I know sorry about that :(

+  grey dip hem top - this again was from primark and was only £5 this is really light and loosely fitted, the only problem is its very sheer so I'm thinking that I'll probably have to wear a little Cami or something underneath it.

+ Black snood - I have always loved the primark snoods but needed a black one so I  picked it up for £4 the other day. They are so effortless and comfy, and really upgrade an outfit in an instant.

+ spike necklace - this is such a pretty statement piece, I got it for £4 from primark.

I'm still pretty stuck on my Christmas outfit because I always want to wear a dress but truthfully dresses just don't work on me so I always end up wearing jeans/ leggings and a top (nice new ones of course ) but they just never seem nice enough for me.
The reason why I can't wear dresses is because I have the most impossible body shape ever.
I have a quite large bust, 32ff to be precise but every where else I'm skinny and have curvy hips and bum but my legs and tummy are skinny. this means clothes fit some places well and on others are either too tight or too baggy so its pretty impossible to find something that fits me perfectly.

If any of you have a similar body shape to me, please comment with some advice?

any questions comment below or drop me a email,

xoxo, just another primadonna girl.

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